We've been posting to our social media channels since 2017, but we aren't posting events on our central website calendar just yet!  We are in production.  Please add your name to our launch list to be given access to post events as soon as we go live!


One Community. One Calendar. One Bolingbrook.

We are ONE Bolingbrook Community!

We are beginning a big initiative to create one central calendar for all Bolingbrook community events. Major events hosted by The Village of Bolingbrook, The Promenade Bolingbrook, Bolingbrook Golf Club, DuPage Township, Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce, Bolingbrook Park District, and Fountaindale Public Library will be listed in one central location for residents to explore. Other major events hosted by non-profit organizations, schools, athletic/music booster clubs, parent-teacher groups, service organizations, churches, or businesses can also be featured and submitted.

Yes, it's actually FREE!  We do not charge a dime to list and publicize your event and we do not get paid a dime to do it.  We love our community so much and truly enjoy volunteering for the betterment of our community. 



The primary goal here is transparency and synergy as to avoid organizations or entities booking major events without knowing if anyone else in the community has an event that day.  The primary use is for organizations to communicate with other local organizations.

A secondary benefit is that this calendar is available for public viewing, so it will be a great way for residents to see what your organization is doing in one central location.  The event will always link back to your event page, your website, or your Facebook page!

Stepping on Toes!

Ultimately, there will be overlap, and that is OK!  Organizations may choose to book events or fundraisers on the same dates and times as other events, but at least they are doing so with knowledge ahead of time. At the end of the day, we are one positive community helping each other every day. No system is perfect and this system will become more valuable as more user submissions are posted. Local organizations will have to actively and continuously input their events in order for this calendar to remain useful and sought after. Truly the success of this endeavor lies with our event submitters from varying entities across the Village!

Cross Posting on Social Media

Events posted on the community calendar will also be reviewed by Bolingbrook Events Volunteer Content Creator, Michael Carpanzano, and some will be featured on Bolingbrook Events social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Event postings will be screened by a volunteer team for spam.  Events not "tasteful" for a community calendar may not be posted.

Get added to our "launch" list

We are almost ready to launch our Bolingbrook community calendar! When we launch, be one of the first entities to be able to post to our central calendar. Just fill out the information below to be added to our notification announcement list.

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